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More and more students and parents are seeing the net positives in high end paying jobs available without a four year degree, and the debt burden associated with these costly four year degrees. This article below was published in Popular Mechanics March 13, 2019, as written by Chuck Thompson.  Take note of the net financial positive numbers quantifying the current and needed enrollment numbers in technical and higher technology trades and jobs.  We see this trend gaining momentum over the last few years and Chuck has published the stats to back this growing trend.      Technical educators and educational administrators now need to support the trend with sufficient budgets for teachers, teacher training, and the hands on equipment to meet the need and “TREAT EVERY DAY IN THE CLASSROOM AS IF IT

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Tech and Trade Moving Up the Money Ladder

The recent article below written by Allana Akhtar from Business Insider, illustrates the growing trend emphasizing the immediate and growing needs for tech and trade skilled labor and the improving financial impact for tech and trades. Notable from a net financial impact with high ticket 4 year college tuitions drowning many recent college graduates with student debt as well as the impact of where the jobs will be through 2026. Allan Akhtar notes from the Bureau of Labor Statistic, ‘Of the 10 occupations that are expected to see the most job growth through 2026, only one, a registered nurse, requires a college degree. USA technical high schools, industry training centers, and community colleges need our support to insure proper funding to meet this growing need. Let TII and Questech

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The Tech Community newsletter (original appeared in the March 6, 2018, print edition as 'Trade School Wins Fans Among Teens.') has an article that clearly illustrates the dilemma facing many students and parents today with this career / life choice.  It is one that should not be treated lightly especially with the shifting trends of today’s job market and increasing salaries in technical and trades.  It’s a good quick read, I would urge you to take a look at the link here: Read More

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TII Technical Education Systems is proud to share their sleek new website!

TII Technical Education Systems is pleased to welcome you to our newly designed website. As a company, TII is focused on forward thinking and innovation in technical education. We want our website to reflect these values. The TII team closely collaborated with Pesola Media Group of Yorkville, IL to reimagine our website, providing you with online content and information necessary to make informed decisions for your hands-on teaching needs and educational parameters. This modern look reflects our industry expertise. As a leader in hands-on learning systems, we wanted a website that is innovative, sleek, and informative. We may have a new look, but we haven’t lost sight of our traditional principles. Our goal is still the same. We aim to change lives by providing innovative technical training solutions to learning

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