Advanced Industrial Electro-Hydraulics


The EXP6 is a complete training system that provides comprehensive, hands-on study of Open and Closed Loop electrical control of hydraulic systems using a Proportional Valve, PLC and components used by today’s employers.  Students will focus on hydraulic technology in its three areas of instruction: Physical Properties and Fundamentals, Applications, and Electro-Hydraulic Control and Logic.

Our training system is accompanied by a student manual and instructor’s guide. These focus on the background and applications of combining hydraulics and electrical control in industrially-relevant laboratory exercises. The curriculum begins with the fundamentals of pneumatics, which can be used as an introduction to the technology or as a review of key principles. Additional sections focus on different types of valves, cylinders, and pneumatic devices like vacuum Venturi generators, air motors, and rotary actuators.

  • Lockable storage area provides space for manuals and additional components
  • Speciality components available to expand capabilities of the system
  • Portable, rugged design


System Specifications

  • Constructed of a welded steel A-shaped frame with a formed sheet steel shell
  • Modular design can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a bench configuration with other TII trainers
  • Components are either panel-mounted or attached to a sub-plate for easy T-slot adjustable mounting
  • Compatible with TII’s EXPII-P1 or P5 hydraulic power supply systems
  • Front trainer panel consists of two sections

Instrumentation Section

  • Includes system pressure gauge, two line-in pressure testing gauges, two four-port manifolds (pressure and return), 24-volt DC power supply
  • Two red-colored switches (momentary and latching) with electrical interfacing jacks
  • Two indicator lights with electrical interfacing jacks
  • System power on / off fused switch
  • Hydraulic shut-off valve

Component Panel

  • Mounted at an angle for ease of use
  • Constructed of 16-guage stainless steel
  • PLC with thirteen I/O (6 digital inputs and 2 analog inputs with green-colored jacks, 4 digital outputs and 1 analog output with white-colored jacks) is embedded into panel
  • All components and PLC Inputs / Outputs are identified in large silkscreen lettering
  • Individual component electrical interfacing and PLC I/O is via panel mounted female connectors using universal connecting patch cord / banana jack systems.

Panel Components

  • Hydraulic Motor with Gear and See-thru Guard
  • Proportional Directional Control Valve with Electronic Conditioning and Switching Relay
  • Solenoid Directional Control Valve
  • Double Rod Double Acting Cylinder (10 in stroke)
  • Double Acting Cylinder (5 in stroke)
  • Linear Transducer (0 to +10 V)

Additional Components

  • One Adjustable Potentiometer
  • Two Magnetic Proximity Sensors
  • Two Limit Switches
  • Three Panel Meters (0 to 10 VDC)
  • One Panel Meter (-10 to +10 VDC)
  • One Rate Indicator Display
  • One Open / Closed Loop Selector Switch
  • One Reversing Selector Switch
  • One Emergency Stop Push-Button

Additional Accessories

  • Hydraulic Hose Kit
  • Electrical Patch Cord Kit
  • PLC Programming CD

Storage Compartment

  • Behind the component panel and accessed through a hinged door with lock
  • Designed for storing hoses and extra components
  • All components, hoses, instruments, and fitting are industrial-grade design
  • All fittings are ball-check quick connect / disconnect


  • A wide range of specialty components can be purchased for mounting on the system’s T-slot experiment surface
  • EPX6 can be purchased with hydraulic power supply (EXPII-P-1) and mobile cabinet (EXP-MB)
  • Three part, combined system model number: EXP3-EPB



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TII Technical Education Systems (TII) is incorporating the the newest technology with an extensive curriculum for academic success, preparing students for today’s modern employers. TII’s broad product line offers instruction in each of the major areas of technology skills training used in industrial systems today: Technology Fundamentals, Advanced Systems, and Integrated Automation.

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