ACD-40 Data Sheet

The ACD-40 is a complete AC Drive training system featuring the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 Variable Frequency Drive. This training system provides a hands-on study of a typical industrial AC variable frequency drive. This education system allows trainees to gain hands-on experience using an AC drive in an application-oriented setting. Our training system is accompanied by an instructor’s guide as well as a student manual. This manual is a comprehensive student resource, featuring thorough knowledge of the practical use of a motor control system.

This learning system includes practice exercises and testing, which enable tracking of learning progress. The curriculum begins with basic AC motor and drive fundamentals. It quickly moves on to programming the PowerFlex 40 using parameter flow charts and the included Human Interface Module with keypad and display. This comprehensive study finishes by outlining various troubleshooting techniques, focusing specifically on fault troubleshooting with drive system fault simulation to demonstrate the process.


System Specifications:

  • Mounted upright on a metal frame with stainless steel front panel
  • Easy access to hardware and convenient interfacing to other TII training systems
  • Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 Variable Frequency Drive is embedded into the top center of the panel
  • All features have been silkscreened for ease of identification
  • Designed for tabletop or bench use
  • Large workspace, making the system configuration appear “L-shaped”
  • All control panel components, lights, and switches can be accessed through banana jacks
  • Design flexibility enables user to easily interface the ACD-40 with other control devices

Control Panel:

  • Motor Control Application: 220 VAC Motor with 6” Fan
  • Four two-position push-button Drive control switches: Start, Stop, Reverse, Enable
  • Two two-position toggle switches for remote / manual programmable Drive input control
  • Relay output indicator light
  • Remote potentiometer with 0 to 10 V panel meter for INPUT display
  • Second 0 to 10 V panel meter for OUTPUT display
  • Series of banana jacks for external electrical interfacing with PLCs or other devices
  • Fuse protected

System Dimensions:

  • Frame Size: 20.5″ x 14.5″ x 4”
  • Front Tray: 20.5” x 10″
  • Shipping Weight: 40 lbs.

PowerFlex 40 Drive:

  • Operates on 110 single-phase VAC with built-in 110 to 220 VAC transformer (Other voltage configurations available)
  • Input: 0.4 kW
  • Output: 2.3 A (0.5 HP) – voltage is adjustable from 0 V to input voltage
  • Inputs/Outputs:
    • Two Analog Inputs
    • Four Digital Inputs
    • One Analog Output
    • Two Opto-transistor Outputs One Relay Output
    • Programming via built-in Human Interface Module – LCD display and keypad
  • Drive Control:
    • Volts per Hertz
    • Sensor-less Vector Skip Compensation
  • Programmable Applications:
    • Linear Curves
    • “S” Acceleration / Deceleration Curves Step Logic
    • PID Control
    • Skip / Preset Frequencies
    • Input / Output Variables
    • Troubleshooting
  • Optional Communications Adapters: Ethernet
    • Device Net
    • Profibus
    • Serial




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