Motor Control Troubleshooting Training Center


Every minute of production downtime is lost profit. To make a significant reduction in downtime, electricians must have a high degree of skill in locating control circuits-faults rapidly. TII’s Motor Control Troubleshooting Training Center is a complete troubleshooting program for industrial, commercial and vocational electric training.

This program includes hardware and instructional materials for learning how to troubleshoot modern motor and relay control systems. The hands-on application provides an in-depth explanation of how motor control circuits operate. The trainee will acquire practical experience of wiring, operating, and trouble-shooting these circuits.

The training systems offers a comprehensive study for novices and a refresher course for more experienced electricians. Troubleshooting concepts are developed quickly and advanced lessons are designed to challenge the skill of the most experienced electricians.

Trainees wire circuits to improve retention of material covered and practice sessions are provided to develop proficient troubleshooters. In these sessions, the trainee will be working with 77 faults or potentially hundreds of combinations.


System Specifications:

  • Three front panels mounted at 15, 60, and 90 degrees
  • Rear panel is recessed to protect fault switches
  • Size: 20″ wide, 191/4″ deep, and 143/4″ high
  • Training Center Weight: 40 pounds
  • Accessory Package Weight: 8 pounds
  • Protective cover for the unit is included

Circuit Protection and Safety:

  • Main breaker protects the 115-volt primary circuit of the control transformer and 115-volt drive motor
  • 24-volt circuit breaker with zero delay protects all wiring
  • Fast acting, zero delay control circuit breaker “trips” to interrupt the circuit if an an accidental electrical overload occurs

Circuit Connections:

  • Identical to circuits actually used in industrial plants
  • Interconnect panel consists of:
    • 82 heavy-duty tip jacks
    • 32 stacking type patch cords

Fault Switches:

  • 40 three-position toggle switches mounted on the rear panel
  • Switches used to set “short circuit” or “open circuit” faults into panel circuits

Other Components:

  • Six industrial type, 24 VDC pilot lights
    • Connected across relay, timer, and motor starter coils to indicate when coils are energized
  • Eight industrial type pushbuttons on the front panel
  • Two selector switches: One three-position and one two-position
  • Two control circuit relays mounted behind panel
  • One adjustable time delay relay mounted behind panel
  • Two Motor Starter Relays mounted behind the panel
  • Test Timer mounted on back panel for timing proficiency development exercises
  • Panel mounted 200k potentiometer
  • One 24 VDC reversing motor
  • Patterned disc, visible through a front window, rotates at varying speeds to duplicate the operation of a conventional motor connected to the control circuit

Curriculum Overview

  1. Basic Control Circuits
  2. Overload Protection
  3. Three-Wire Control, Start/Stop
  4. Jogging Circuits
  5. Sequence Start and Stop
  6. Automatic Sequence Starting
  7. Reversing Circuits
  8. Troubleshooting Basic Control Circuits
  9. Two-Wire Control, Hand/Off/Auto
  10. Plug Stop and Anti-Plug Circuits
  11. Two-Speed Motor Control
  12. Reduced Voltage Starting Circuit



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