The MB600 trainer offers a comprehensive approach to industry sensing devices. This system simulates the many uses of sensors in automated manufacturing. With 29 learning units, this trainer familiarizes students with sensor systems through interactive experiments.  This versatile learning system can also be used with motors, lighting systems, conveyors, or as part of an automation system.  Any electrically compatible PLC can be interfaced to the MB600.

Students will learn about the basic sensor types commonly used in industry including photoelectric (infrared and fiber optic), proximity (inductive), and limit switches. They will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well when to use the different sensor types based on the application. Sensors, with included target and output devices, are electrically connected by quick connect fasteners to a controller base unit.  When the sensor is “tripped,” the corresponding output is activated.

  • Work surface can be removed from case for setting up sensor experiments with other equipment
  • Output devices: lights and horn
  • Targets: Metal (Steel, Aluminum, Copper), Colorboard (black, white, silver)


Fiber Optics

  • Diffuse-Reflective and Thru-Beam Fiber Optic Hardware
  • Setting Sensitivity of Diffuse Reflective Sensor
  • Normal and Inverted Operation of Diffuse Reflective Sensor
  • Setting Delays on Diffuse Reflective Sensor
  • Diffuse Reflective Sensing Application
  • Controlling Sensitivity of Thru-Beam Sensor
  • Normal and Inverted Operation of Thru-Beam Sensor
  • Controlling Delay on Thru-Beam Sensor
  • Thru-Beam Sensor Application


  • Infrared Reflective Sensor Hardware
  • Setting Sensitivity for Infrared Reflective Sensing
  • Normal and Inverted Operation of Infrared Reflective Sensors
  • Controlling Delay on Infrared Reflective Sensors
  • Infrared Reflective Sensing Application


  • Inductive Proximity Sensor Hardware
  • Normal and Inverted Operation of Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Setting Delay on Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Proximity Sensing Application

Limit Switches

  • Limit Switch Operation
  • Limit Switch Operating Characteristics
  • Positioning a Limit Switch
  • Trip Dog Design



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