More and more students and parents are seeing the net positives in high end paying jobs available without a four year degree, and the debt burden associated with these costly four year degrees. This article below was published in Popular Mechanics March 13, 2019, as written by Chuck Thompson.  Take note of the net financial positive numbers quantifying the current and needed enrollment numbers in technical and higher technology trades and jobs.  We see this trend gaining momentum over the last few years and Chuck has published the stats to back this growing trend.      

Technical educators and educational administrators now need to support the trend with sufficient budgets for teachers, teacher training, and the hands on equipment to meet the need and “TREAT EVERY DAY IN THE CLASSROOM AS IF IT IS THE WORLD OF WORK.”

We are here to support technical education and trade schools to meet this growing demand whether using our Questech products for enhancing student career choices in construction trades, renewable energies, or our TII technical education product line featuring technology fundamentals, advanced industrial systems, and integrated automation.  TII is all about meaningful technical education leading to a meaningful ‘Career Pathway.’  We support American education with American made teaching systems and curriculum.

Give us a call and let us help you ease the ‘“core tension in American education” with our quality teaching systems, service and support.