Advanced Electronic Sensors

EM600 Series

The EM-600 Series is a comprehensive, application-oriented industrial sensors training system. Advanced Electronic Sensors is designed for hands-on study of industrial sensor technology and control in a user-friendly setting.

Electronic control is done through a Programmable “Smart Relay” Controller. System components and hardware are mounted in a configuration that replicates manufacturing operations. Like a PLC, the “Smart Relay” allows the user to program and control up to eight inputs and four outputs simultaneously. However, unlike a PLC, the simplified logic programming software requires no previous PLC programming knowledge.

Users select from a variety of sensor categories and application types to configure the EM-600 Series Training System to their specific needs. Our training system is also accompanied by an instructor’s guide as well as a student manual. This manual is a comprehensive student resource, featuring the background and applications of sensors commonly used in industry.


System Specifications:

  • System consists of three parts: base station, sensor package, and conveyor
    • Model EM611: Photoelectric Sensor Package (qty 6)
    • Model EM612: Proximity Sensor Package (qty 6)
    • Model EM613: Combination Photo + Prox Sensor Package (qty 6)
    • Model EM614: All Photo + All Prox Sensor Packages (qty 12)
    • Model EM600-AIR: Optional Conveyor Sorting Station
  • Industrial grade sensors with cable/wire receptacles for easy insertion and connection to panel jacks
  • Mounting brackets and hardware for easy attachment and position of sensors
  • Dimensions: 29 in. L x 17 in. H x 15 in. D with Standard Conveyor

Base Station:

  • Built-in 2.4 amp 24 VDC power supply for standalone operation or interface to other 24 VDC enabled external devices or PLC
  • Series of banana jacks and 12 patch cords for easy electrical interconnecting of various system elements
  • Eight switches for interface to “Smart Relay” controller inputs:
    • Four toggle
    • Four illuminated
    • Two momentary
    • Two latching
  • Secondary timer, potentiometer, and plug-in relay with socket
  • 10 pre-configured panel mounted sensor stations:
    • Two 2-wire
    • Two 3-wire PNP
    • Two 3-wire NPN
    • Two 3-wire ANALOG
    • 2 4-wire sensor types

Sensor Packages:

  • Photoelectric: Retro-Reflective, Polarized Retro- Reflective, Fixed Focus, Standard Diffuse, Back- ground Suppression, and Transmitted Beam – light source and receivers.
  • Proximity: Inductive (2 sizes), Capacitive, Hall- Effect, Magnetic Reed Switch, and Ultrasonic.
  • Combination: Three Photoelectric Sensors (Retro Reflective, Standard Diffused, and Transmitted Beam) and Three Proximity Sensors (Inductive – 12 mm, Capacitive, and Hall Effect)
  • All Photo + All Prox: All six sensors from the Photoelectric Sensor Package and all six sensors from the Proximity Sensor Package
  • Other: Customer Specified Sensors

Conveyor Application:

  • Bi-Directional 24 VDC Motor-driven, 2-inch wide belt conveyor with 24-inch travel.
  • Option: 110 VAC Motor (for use with AC Variable Frequency Drive Control)
  • Option: EM600-AIR Sorting Station consisting of PLC controlled three-position pneumatically operated ejection/sorting station for pushing parts off of conveyor.  System includes pneumatic regulator, distribution manifold, cylinders with flow controls, solenoid valves, parts trays, and extended conveyor length.


  1. Introduction
  2. Conveyor Operation
  3. Latching Circuit
  4. Timers
  5. Reversing Circuit
  6. Controller Operation and Programming
  7. Counting
  8. Measuring Space
  9. Sensor Introduction
  10. Photoelectric Sensor Applications
  11. Proximity Sensor Applications



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