MB 500 Data Sheet

The MB500 Pneumatic Robotics Module teaches PLC control, robotic technology, and pneumatic applications. This module is designed to provide students with an understanding of how pneumatic components work together in a pick-and-place robotic arm application. Learn how to control robotic motion using a pendant or programmable logic controller (PLC) featuring ladder logic computer programming software to create, edit, run, and monitor robot programs.

Students will learn the principles of robotic operations and how to control basic robotic motion using an electrical solenoid valve pack and pneumatic actuators. They will learn to control each robot motion separately: base rotation, linear shoulder extension, linear elbow elevation, and gripper open/close. Then develop a robot motion map by combining the robot motions into a series of robot actions.

  • Robotic Arm has three axes of motion and four degrees of freedom
  • Each degree of freedom is individually controllable
  • Safe air operating pressure of 60 PSI


Introduction to Robotics

  • Instructor Information
  • Pre Test
  • History of Robotics
  • Types of Robots
  • Robot Arm Familiarization
  • Rotation Motion: Base
  • Linear Motion: Shoulder and Elbow
  • Gripper Motion
  • Motion Mapping
  • Exercising the Robot – All Motions
  • Post Test

Application Laboratories

  • Robotics Dictionary
  • Bright Idea – Design an Experiment
  • Closer Look – Exploring Robots




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