PLC Application Simulation Modules


TII’s series of PLC Application Simulation Modules (PAS-SIM) are designed for students to learn about PLC programming and control in an application-focused environment that simulations real world processes without the cost of purchasing real world hardware.

Instead of using computer simulations or expensive models to imitate real world processes, TII has created miniaturized hardware versions to replicate process control functions along with a graphical representation of the process. Each module is design to replicate a single process. This approach enables students to actually connect and control the PLC I/O and visually monitor the PLC process interaction.

PAS-100 Motor Control Series

  • Basics
    • PAS-101: Basic Start / Stop Control Motor Circuit
    • PAS-102: Two-Wire Control Motor Circuit
    • PAS-103: Overload Protection Motor Circuit
    • PAS-104: Three-Wire Control Motor Circuit
  • Motion
    • PAS-111: Sequence Starting Motor Circuit
    • PAS-121: Reversing Motion Motor Circuit
    • PAS-122: Plug-Stop Reversing Motor Circuit
    • PAS-123: Anti-Plug Stop Reversing Motor Circuit
    • PAS-131: Two Speed Control Motor Circuit
  • Starting
    • PAS-141: Primary Resistance Starting Motor Circuit
    • PAS-142: Autotransformer Starting Motor Circuit
    • PAS-143: Part Winding Starting Motor Circuit
    • PAS-144: Wye-Delta Starting Motor Circuit

PAS-200 Process Control Series

  • PAS-201: Silo Station
  • PAS-202: Tank Level Control
  • PAS-203: Liquid Mixer
  • PAS-204: Vessel Control

PAS-300 Device Control Series

  • PAS-301: Traffic Light
  • PAS-302: Parking Ramp
  • PAS-303: Light Sequencer
  • PAS-304: Conveyor System

PAS-400 Machine Control Series

  • PAS-401: Elevator
  • PAS-402: Car Wash
  • PAS-403: Washing Machine
  • PAS-404: Garage Door

PAS-500 Basic Application Series

  • PAS-501: Coolant Application
  • PAS-502: Batch Processing Application
  • PAS-511: Conveyor Application
  • PAS-512: Test Station Application

PAS-600 Advanced Applications Series

  • PAS-601: Palletizer Application
  • PAS-611: Production Line Application
  • PAS-621: Automated Paint Booth Application
  • PAS-631: Pick-and-Place Robot Application



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