The Mechanisms learning system provides a comprehensive look at power transmission and the basic elements found in all machines. Each lesson includes an experiment that requires students to construct and operate a simple machine or device. Among the 30+ mechanical components are a variety of gears, pulleys, and assemblies. Students will use the components to design their own solutions to meet common problems that occur in industrial and everyday situations.

Experiments will teach about simple machines and their application:  first, second, and third class levers; inclined plane, screw, wheels and axles, as well as pulleys and gears to generate mechanical advantage. They will use these machines to design and build a variety of mechanical systems—gear and drive trains, block and tackle systems, linkage motion, and cam operation. Principles learned will be applied to the physical properties of mechanisms including force, work, power, friction/efficiency, kinetic and potential energy.

  • No power is needed: All experiments are operated manually to enhance the understanding of simple machine operation and mechanical advantage.
  • Curriculum uses simple machines as “building blocks” to construct compound machines
  • Variety of commonly used gear types and sizes included


Introduction to Mechanical Components

  • Trainer Familiarization
  • Introduction to Mechanical Systems
  • First Class Levers
  • Second Class Levers
  • Third Class
  • Inclined Planes Screws
  • Wheels and Axles
  • Pulleys
  • Gears

Application Laboratories

  • Gear Trains
  • Chain and Sprocket Drives
  • Stepped Pulleys and Belts
  • Block and Tackle Systems
  • Cams
  • Linkages

Physical Properties*

  • Force in Mechanisms
  • Work in Mechanisms
  • Power in Mechanisms
  • Mechanical Advance Friction
  • Kinetic and Potential Energy Drive
  • Train Speed Ratios
  • Designing Cams
  • Linkage
  • Motion

* The Physical Properties section of the curriculum has been designed to correlate to the objectives in Principles of Technology by the Center for Occupational Research and Development



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